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Movie Shorts as a Parallel Story ~ Super fun Activity!

I absolutely love this movie short by Nacho Vigalondo! I found it before I was a CI teacher and used it when I was teaching telling time. I no longer teach "how to tell the time" as a specific lesson and instead incorporate lots of reps of a variety of times in my stories. But I DO still show the video from now and again - for me, the quirky, dark humor perfectly depicts that of some of my Spanish (from Spain) friends. For my students, it has become a cult favorite and something I'm known for. Each year, the upper levels ask if I've initiated my newbies by showing this film. Don't ask what time it is in my classes, it is ALWAYS 7:35 de la mañana!

This year I found a new use for my beloved movie short! I was teaching Martina Bex's TPT lesson 'Yo mas te adoro' by Morat.

Here is the video of the song:

As per my usual, I added a pre-lesson to teach a little about the group and where they're from, Colombia. I really like to include as much cultural in…

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