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Muchacha by Gente de Zona (part 2)

 ** Click here for my first post about  Muchacha. ** One more week to relax and spend much-needed time with family, and then back to the grindstone! In level 1, I'm starting the new year with a fun, interactive lesson developed around the high-energy song Muchacha by Gente de Zona. Just in case you haven't heard it, here is the music video: Here is my  newly updated Nearpod lesson: Click here for your own  fully-editable copy . New Additions: A Dreaming Spanish video activity that expands on one of the included infographics Place holders for both a Timed Write and a Timed Retell Additional scaffolding A four corners Jamboard activity that also expands on one of the infographics An embedded reading Here is the link for the Jamboard . Jamboard is so simple to use! If you are looking for more ways to use it, check out Bertha Delgadillo's amazing blog: ProfesoraDelgadillo . But wait! There's MORE! I created a Google Forms T/F 5-question quiz. When you open the quiz, you w

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