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Los Reyes Magos - Interactive Notebook Bell Ringers

 For your own copy of this lesson, click here . It is just the beginning of December and I'm already planning for when we return from Christmas break in January. I like to be super-planned so that when the time comes, I can fly by the seat of my pants and do something similar to, more creative than, and sometimes completely different from  my plan. For the first time in my CI journey, I'm tied to common targeted structures. Added to that, we started school 2 weeks late in the fall so when we return in January, there is little time for content and we'll spend most of our time prepping for finals. (Check back soon for a post on how I plan to prepare for finals this year). All of that to say, I usually spend several days on the Reyes Magos. But this year, I fear I won't have my normal luxury of time and decided to make a brief digital interactive notebook. I *plan* to assign this in Google Classroom as bell-ringers and add slides each day to the student version. This way t

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